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Dear Friend,

The reason why you are here reading this letter is because you want to make money selling the stuff you've created but more importantly you want to use that money to buy you FREEDOM!!!

 I've been there and trust me spending hours creating a product, paying for all the things you need to get your online operation running ain't easy. And at the same time I can tell you how sweet it is to have money and what freedom tastes like as well.  Here's a few images following a big time launch that I was behind the scenes of with the assistance of my friend and boss Ryan Lee (Hard Work + Smart Work = F&F  (Freedom & Fun)

Note: I'm only 25 years old, didn't go to school for marketing, and only been an Internet Marketer for 18 months

August  2008:


(First time in Vegas Surrounded by Millionaires!)

September  2008: 

(First Ever NFL Game; 6 rows from the field & First Car, 2009 Toyota Corolla Sport)

October 2008: 

(Finally Got a Mac Baby!  & Flew to Florida for 2 days to Catch Game With Family)

Here's a fact: Along the way you second guess yourself and sometimes face giving up along the way (if this is not you, you're a better person than me)... but we all face doubt.

What's even more frustrating is when you put in the time, the effort, your hard earned money, only to see that when you are ready for your big release party to the world you end up with

No Traffic...

No Sales...

No Money...

If you've been online long enough you will realize who are the people getting the money:

The Gurus

The Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

The People Who Know How To Get Traffic

When it comes to the gurus, those are the guys with the huge ass lists. They make it look freaking easy to make money online don't they.  One e-mail and poof, their wallets get swollen and the atm machine is cranked up ready to spit out cash for them

If we only had that easy...

When you create a product chances are you might not have access to one of the biggest assets in running an online business in the Internet Marketing community as we know it and that's having a BIG RESPONSIVE LIST!

So because you don't have this does it mean your business is doomed?

The answer is no!  Keep reading cause I know what I have for you CAN and WILL  help you.

Let's talk about the Search Engines...  Google, Yahoo, MSN, they get tons of money right.  Pay per click, banner ads, all that stuff have search engines hearing the sounds CHA-CHING... time and time again.  These guys are the ones that help generate the traffic.

People go to their sites, with the intent of finding something that they were looking for, whether it's how to make money, how to lose weight, how to land my dream girl, they go looking for solutions and US as product creators knowing this pay the search engines a ton of money.

The bad thing with PPC however is that if you just created a product, not only is the learning curve pretty steep, but the hole that it will put in your pocket if it's not done right will be even steeper!

So lastly let's talk about the people who know how to drive traffic.   They use means like article marketing, social media, forum postings, link exchanges, (do these sound familiar to you...)  basically these guys know how to generate traffic in a way that cost them very little or it's at a point where it's cheap enough for them to do it over and over again...

I have a dear friend who is a freaking monster in generating traffic and he pays nothing... sure it requires a little bit of time commitment and effort but at the same time we want the DREAM LIFESTYLE that we've been preached on by the GURUs...

We Want Fast Money!  We Want Fast Money!

When I hear about the big launches that these gurus create where they pull in 5 figures, 6 figures, 7 figures and more it really just has me pull my hair out. 

If you've been reading this far you might be thinkin...

Damn DUDE, YOU Really Hate the GURUS HUH!

Honestly, I don't!  Most people hate on those they want to be like.  I personally admire all the gurus and have been working behind the scenes with one of the best for quite sometime.

In my 2 years online I've been fascinated by what these gurus have done and it's helped me become the marketer that I am today!

So Who The Heck Am I?

 I knew you'd ask ... My name is Geovanni Derice but if you've  been reading this letter for this long, I consider you my friend so  call me Geo.  Over the past 2 years I've had the luxury of  working with Multi-Millionaires who have really showed me  their businesses and how this "game" called Internet Marketing  really works.

Currently I work as the right hand man to Internet Marketing Expert Ryan Lee.   Now if you do not know him he's the guy who launched a program with his business partner about 1.5 years ago that pulled in 1.4 million in just 7 days.

Not bad for a guy who use to be a physical education teacher huh...  So how did he do it?  More on that in a little bit...

While working with Ryan I've studied not only what's work for him but I've watch him dominate a competitive industry not for 1 year, or 2 years but for 10 years and during that time I've seen some of his students duplicate his success.

Success leaves Clues...

Knowing this I was on a mission to study all the big launches and see what the heck could it be that is getting all these guys the big wads of cash.  Here are a few people I've studied from:

From each of them I learned different things that was the big reason why they were able to pull off million dollar launches( by the way I forgot to mention Jeff Walker Mr Launches himself) and one thing you will realize is that these guys
get  A TON of people to promote for them.

What that means... they create their own Affiliate Army to help them do 3 things...

1. Generate Targeted Traffic

2. Generate More Sales

3. Generate More $$$$ in their pockets

So how about you?  Wouldn't you want to achieve those three things?

Only someone without a pulse would not want this!

So after studying all the big names and listening to what they said I came upon an idea...

What if I can create a course, that is simple to understand that would help anyone who is looking to get more traffic (targeted), more sales, and more money?  What if I was able to crack the code that guys like

Frank Kern, John Reese, Jason Moffatt, Ryan Lee, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker use every time they launch to make them a ton of money...

Would people want it ?

So I leaked this information that was in my head to some people and the overwhelming reaction was...


Of course when they said that my head got big, my chest stuck out a little bit but still I never revealed this to the masses because I wasn't sure whether it would work or not.  After all I just studied all the gurus and what they did, nothing special right...


However, I wanted to really see if I stumbled upon something good so I put my time tested truths together and offered just 1 of my 7 secrets to landing big time affiliates to a friend of mine out in cali name Mike.

Mike Goes From 0 to 2700 in 3...

To make a long story short, Mike create a basketball product, his first ever online product and the whole thing was done... he paid to have his sales letter written, he paid to have graphics done, he spent hours and hours, day after day, week after week putting this stuff together.

With a small list he made very little money :-(


$2700 in 3 days...

It was only about 2 weeks later that he did just as I told him and turned a product that was not doing anything into $2700 in just 3 days.

Yes  I know it's not a million dollars but how many people do you think accomplish million dollar days with their first ever product as a complete newbie (less than 1 percent!).

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So what is that One Secret I told him?  

Act as if you been there before.  You see when you approach affiliates, the worst thing you can do is act like you are the "new kid on the block". 

Let's say you were in a game 7 in the NBA FINALS who would you want to shoot the final shot... Michael Jordan in his prime... OR someone who is a ROOKIE...

MJ hands down!

So when Mike approached the biggest affiliate in his niche and used that one secret he literally blew them away.  Of course along the way he used some of the other secrets I shared with him and it's when that happened ...

The Mission Was Formed...

The Joy that Mike felt , the excitement that let me know that if I could make just 1 more person feel that way, it would be worth telling the masses about this.

I'm no expert, and I don't like the public limelight.  In fact in a conversation with Ryan Lee at the biggest Continuity Event the Internet Marketing arena has ever seen he asked me:

"Geo would you ever wanna be on stage like Matt Bacak, Stephen Pierce, Mark Victor Hansen (all speakers at the Continuity Summit)..."

The Continuity Summit was the first ever event featuring over 13 speakers who talked about how to make money on the internet month after month. It was the first event of it's kind dedicated to helping Internet Marketers like you and I achieve good income on a recurring basis.

My reply was NOPE!  I'm shy the last thing I want is 300-500 people staring at me for any reason.

Introducing The Affiliate Army Blueprint....

So why did I decide to put together a blueprint on how to create your own Affiliate Army?  Why did I decide to step away from behind the stage and put my name, and face out there?

Because I was once in the situation like Mike was.  I created a product, I spent my hard earn money that I made from my day job and I saw it all go down the drain.  I felt like an ass to be honest with you.  I felt like this internet marketing stuff was not for me.

It was not until I started working with the millionaire dollar guys that I realized there was hope to making money online if you do it the right way.  If you have the shortcuts these gurus use day in and day out to build successful online businesses.

More importantly I knew that Mike was not the only person online who needed this information and that 99% of those who create products online never really make any serious money with their products.

So I sat down at my computer, mapped out the blueprint that I studied from guys like the gurus I mentioned earlier and figured out a way to make a ton of money with your products.

Now there are tons of people who have stuff out there on how to make $ as an affiliate but what "US" who want to be the face of a product, what about "US" who have a story to tell and want our product to help change the lives of others?  What are we suppose to do to make money, to make a difference, to be successful in the game called Internet Marketing.

It's for this reason why The Affiliate Army Blueprint HAD TO BE CREATED!

The Affiliate Army Blueprint is a video training series that teaches you 7 time tested truths that will help you land the big fish in your industry.  It's not 100% full proof but if you apply all these truths in your business I honestly cannot see how it can't work for you.

Remember Mike used just 1 of these truths and turned it into $2,700 in about 72 hours; that 3 days for the mathematically challenged, lol.

Now I know what you're thinking... Geo  I know it works for the gurus, and sure it worked on Mike but how do I know it would work for me?

Midnight Call From The Bayou State

One midnight call took place with my buddy that convinced me that this stuff REALLY works.  My buddy TS, had an incredible product, and the thing is he was making sales, but he wanted something big...

He wanted to get a taste of what guys like Frank Kern make look so easy and that's a big payday.  After 15 minutes talking on the phone I said TS, do this and you will see your sales go up, your traffic go up and get your big payday.

After putting the plan together I get a text from TS saying this is freaking amazing this is going better than I expected.  To tally up what he accomplished he was able to increase his sales by 450% during a 3 day promo using again ONE secret from what I call now the Affiliate Army Blueprint.

So with that in mind I ask you this...

If One Secret made Mike $2700 in 3 days as a complete newbie &
If TS saw a 450% jump in sales from just One Secret in The Affiliate Army Blueprint...

What can YOU do with all 7 of them?

Pretty scary isn't it... Let's paint a picture that both you and I can understand.
Take one painkiller when you have a headache and chances are your headache will go away.  Mix 6-7 painkillers and that might very well be your last headache ever.


Because when you combine all that stuff together in simple terms it's


And that's what I'm telling you here...  Combine all 7 of the time tested truths/secrets within the Affiliate Army Blueprint and watch your promos, your launches literally kill all the doubts about whether or not you can generate More Traffic, More Sales, and More Money in your pocket.

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Ok, Geo I'm convinced this stuff works, but just so I know tell me exactly what I'm going to get when I grab a hold of your Affiliate Army Blueprint.

Here's just some of what you'll discover in our online videos...

  • 4 simple ways to establish creditibility with affiliates.
    (Credibility alone can increase your success rate by 3-4 times)  

  • A cool way to find affiliates private info (this will blow your mind)

  • 6 Magic Words that will get you more affiliates GUARANTEED! (Say the wrong thing and find yourself doomed)

  • The communication tol that helped my friend land the biggest launch his niche has ever seen (it's not what you think)

  • How I managed to get the #1 super affiliate in my niche to promote for me in less than 12 hours. (This is unheard of and you can do it too!)

  • The best way to establish a relationship with a super affiliate (I have to thank John Reese for this one.)

  • Often overlooked component to landing affiliates (so simple, you'll kick yourself in the butt when you see this)

  • An absolute goldmine for finding people to promote your stuff (most people use this backwards)

  • The Duo Stats You Must Know To Land Serious Affiliates (if you don't know these, affiliates won't give you the time of day)

  • A Key element most dont think about when approaching affiliates (Its not only about the money)

  • Specific strategies to make affiliates feel like they OWE you.

  • 5 Deadily Words That Will Stop Your Affiliate Efforts Dead In Its Tracks

  • The One Thing Affiliates Don'y Want To Be (make them this and lose them for good)

  • The Big mistake you must avoid before ever approaching an affiliate

  • Cool resource to spice up the look of your offer (your conversion rates depend on this)

  • How to Turn a 'no' into a 'yes' (no doesn't really mean no, details inside)

  • the ninja tactic you can use to land the top dawg in your niche (few have the balls to do this)

  • What email promotions and classified ads have in common (and it's not what you think)

  • the 'super sneaky' secret that increases your response rate with affiliates (very few are doing this)

  • The Magic Phrase That Works Time and Time Again To Get Affiliates(Here's a clue, the acronym is "PR")

Wow, this stuff looks amazing, how much does it cost?

Now I know you've heard other products promise you the world only to leave you saying to yourself damn, I never made money off that.  Well this product is different.  This product will help you make money.

Not only that but it won't require you to forgo your mortgage payment to get it either.Being in your shoes only 2 years ago, I know what it's like to spend a ton of cash on information products.  In fact I bought a $2,000 course and literally almost threw up after paying that much for a course (best decision i've ever made by the way)...

But because I want you to be the next Mike, or the next TS, I want you to have this entire training course without having you hurt in your pockets. 

This program could easily be sold for $497 or even $997 when you think about how 1 secret turned Mike from 0 to 2700 in just 3 days.  However TODAY, you won't be paying that much for this course.

To be honest take a look at the entire system and you will see that easily this program is worth $997 in total value.  

7 Time Tested Truths To Landing Big Time Affiliates:

Training Videos
FORMAT: Streaming Video

In this 5 part video training I walk you through:

Examples of How To Get Affiliates
 What You Should Not Tell An Affiliate
 How To Make An Affiliate Not Ignore You!

$497 Value

7 Time Tested Truths To Landing Big Time Affiliates:

FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

The 7 Time Tested Truths to Landing Big Time Affiliates handouts go hand in hand with the training videos and make sure there is no confusion as to what I'm showing you or how to apply it.

Print these out and get ready to take notes translating to immediate profits.

$27 Value


7 Time Tested Truths To Landing Big Time Affiliates: Video Demo
FORMAT: Streaming Video

In this tutorial video I show you EXACTLY how I personally go ahead and find affiliates private information so you can implement Time-Tested Truth #4 and grab the attention of these big time affiliates.

This strategy is a "game changer" that very few are using.

$97 Value


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And then there was more...
You also will receive the following bonuses...

Affiliate Army Blueprint MindMap:

FORMAT: Instant Access PDF

Print out this mindmap and place it next to your computer. This mindmap summarizes the roadmap to success when it comes to landing affiliates.

It's laid out step by step so you know how to enter the journey of ultimate freedom and success in your online business.

$27 Value

Affiliate Army Blueprint 20 minute Consultation:

When it comes to getting your affiliate campaign off the ground it's important to have someone to run it by to make sure your ducks are all lined up in a row.

This 20 minute consultation will enable to have access to me so that I can make sure you have set up yourself for success.

Sometimes just approaching an affiliate wrong can cost you a deal long term. This consultation will make sure that does not happen..

$250 Value


Affiliate Army Blueprint Audio Series: 


Now get the entire affiliate army blueprint in mp3 format so you can listen to it while you're working out, bored at work, or burn onto a cd and listen as you drive home..

Same as the training videos this time with just sound.

$97 Value



When you grab your copy of the Affiliate But like I said earlier I want you to have this because I want to help impact as many lives as possible so for today you can have this entire thing for $97!   Yep that's a savings of $900.


Your Action Taking Bonus...

(Your Reward For Joining Today)

Because you are ready today to change your business and to have the freedom to do the things you like to do I would like to reward you with an insane bonus.  It's what I call the Action-Taking Bonus.

When you grab your copy of the Affiliate Army Blueprint you will also receive access to the Affiliate Army Blueprint Deluxe Package which includes:

The Affiliate Army Blueprint Interrogation Series:

The interrogation series includes 3 of my good friends who are all banking well over 6 figures in their niche businesses. In this interrogation series you will hear some of the tricks to land the big fish in your niche, how to break into a crowded niche and come out becoming the big fish, and much more...

1. First you have Paul Reddick. Paul Reddick works in the baseball niche has is literally the kingpen when it comes to the main player in the niche. I sat down with him in his office and had him talk about what type of approaches people entering his niche have used to get him to promote. In addition Paul shares this really cool strategy that newbie in his niche used that got him to mail out. This resulted in $7,000+ in his pocket. More details to come.

2. Vince Delmonte the king of muscle building online. When there are people going out there selling roids' Vince however has been able to turn this niche into a 6 figure business. He pulled off a unique launch where he managed to get affiliates to do some pretty unique things. Vince sheds the light on how he got people to mail for him. An inside note, he had 500 sets and sold out in a week. Unheard of in the industry. How did he do it? This interview reveals all.

3. Lastly Joel Marion. Who pulled $300,000 in just 4 days selling an e-book. Yes an e-book... Not a high price ticket item. In fact his product was only $47. So how the heck did he get over 100 affiliates to promote his product? Joel reveals all. A sidebar note, Joel just bought a beautiful condo and a sweet Cadillac right after this launch. I think he could have done it without this promo but it did give him the freedom to go ahead and make those decisions.

I'm not going to go ahead and put together a stack of voodoo scarcity tactics here but honestly, many of my friends feel I'm stupid for giving this all away for less than One Hundred Bucks...

However, I know that without a doubt that this will impact your business in a HUGE way and that alone is worth more than anything else.  If the joy Mike had can be shared with you, so that you can be able to have the money to do the things you enjoy...

The freedom to do the things you want to do WHEN  you wanna do them then my job here is done...

So Here's What To Do Next...

1. Hit the Add To Cart Button below

2. Enter Your Information On a Page similar to this...

3. Apply the Information within The Course

4. Watch Your Business Take Off Like A Rocket at the Kennedy Space Center...

My Iron Clad Guarantee

I'm 100% confident that this program can change your business online and because of that I offer you my 60 day iron clad money back guarantee.  If you use the materials of this course and cannot find value in it, then I ask you to request for a refund.  Yes that's right.  I am not a scam artist, I want your business ventures to succeed and if by investing in the Affiliate Army Blueprint you feel that this program did not bring you one step closer to your goals, then I don't want your money.

With that said, do not wait any longer, go grab your copy of this today before your biggest competition does.  This is the kind of information where if you implement it fast and first, you become light years ahead of those who come after you.

I appreciate the love, I appreciate you reading this letter I wrote for you today, and I look forward to hearing you share your success stories like TS and Mike did.

I wish you peace, love & God Bless



P.S.- I reserve the right to remove this program off the net or increase the price( its severely underpriced if you ask me) so take action today, and watch your business go to new heights tomorrow.

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P.P.S.- You've done the work to create a solid product, now finally the light has been shed on how to tap into the resources all the big gurus do to make a crap load of money and that's putting together an Affiliate Army.  

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Check out what Virgil Aponte just sent in about the course...

Product Review - Virgil Aponte

"Wish I had this when I started!"

If you want to be successful making money online with affiliate marketing then this product is for you. You will learn Geo's time tested affiliate recruitment secrets. He knows his stuff too as he is the secret weapon behind many of today's leading internet marketers. I felt like Geo was right in my living room teaching me his secrets with his online video delivery. Way to go Geo! Damn I wish I'd known about this product when I first started online as it would have literally saved me thousands of dollars and earned me thousands more!

Virgil Aponte  

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